Become a realcoordinator Business Associates

Referral Programme

Help your loved ones to fullfill their dreams. Realcoordinator Referral Programme helps you do just that! Refer for loans and financial services to your family, friends & colleagues, and get exciting rewards in return.

To be a part of this referral program, refer your friends to avail Home Loan, Personal Loan etc. Every friend you refer, can earn you rewards up to Rs.1,00,000* and referring 10 friends can earn you rewards up to Rs.10,00,000* and more. The more number of friends you refer, the more you earn, making the possibilities of your rewards limitless. 

*Exact amount that you earn will depend on the loan amount disbursed through your reference.


As a trusted financial advisor, you could refer confidently your clients, friends,colleagues to REALCOORDINATOR , to fulfil their loan requirements.


With our experience in offering solutions to customers for their loan requirement having presence in more than 75 plus cities, this would enhance your portfolio , build trust ,and confidence.


How it Works 

*Once we receive your reference, concern team will verify and they will forward to sales team. Once it approve will be consider as Referral Sales. You will get a confirmation by registered email or phone number.


Terms and Conditions

Applicable cash back will be generated after 15 days of disbursal date. 

All type of loans is on discretion of associated banks and NBFC's. ** 

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Become a realcoordinator Business Associates


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Business Associates

DSA / DST / Loan Agents

  • Earn big in terms of commissions
  • Be your own boss
  • Just Refer Loan Leads - Last Mile will be done by Realcoordinator marketing India enterprises pvt ltd 
  • Opportunity to establish new contacts that can be source of life-long income 
  • Recognition as a Channel Partner of a National Loan Distributor House 
  • Sales & Marketing support from the company

Direct Selling Agency (DSA/DST/Loan Agents)

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